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We aim to make the future brighter for our learners. We will not only support them through qualifications that can help them onto a career path, but also ensure that they are prepared for the workplace with the relevant skills and attributes.

Current unemployment stands at 3.8% (December 2019). Unemployment affects people in all aspects of their life and can be demoralising and stressful. The Government run schemes that aim to give people the skills and tools they need to find work. But many of these schemes miss the point and don’t address the real issues behind the problem. Because, after all, it’s never just skills and training that hold them back. Factors like low self confidence, poor self belief, bad experiences in life and education and negative attitudes are barriers stopping people from getting the work they so desperately need.

The Workskills course is built on helping people rebuild that part of their lives. It comes from endless consultation with providers and students to ensure it works for each individual, through flexible and unit-based learning. This toolkit, created by Edexcel, provides more than just core skills, training and qualifications. It also aims to empower and change the attitudes, habits, thoughts and behaviours of everyone on the course. Sometimes, even the instructors themselves.

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Next Steps Course

We’re always looking for ways to ensure we can help everyone and fill the gaps where our current courses don’t deliver for everyone.

Our Next Steps Course is the perfect fit for those people who are looking to get back into employment but the standard Work Skills course doesn’t work for.

We understand that some people, for whatever reason, have been out of employment for a long time. These people need tailored support to allow them to grow to be in a place that they can engage in the labour market and return to work.

This programme is a gentle reintroduction to the world of work. We want to help to develop individuals to the point where they want to get back into the workplace – a development that doesn’t necessarily mean 40 hours a week straight away!

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Why Bright Direction Training

We cover topics such as improving self-esteem, developing confidence, exploring what vocations are out there, transferable skills, applying for work and work-life balance.

Recognising personal values is at the heart of this course. We deliver the programme over seven days with reduces hours to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. There is no pressure.

The Next Steps Course has previously been successfully delivered to candidates with extensive barriers to work such as anxiety, depression, substance dependency, alcohol addiction, domestic abuse victims, agoraphobics and those suffering from rock bottom self esteem.
We pride ourselves on understanding our learners needs and delivering courses that not only meet those needs but do so at a pace that works for them.

People in the classroom attending the ILM qualification provided by Bright Direction Training

“My confidence has grown massively”

I am currently undertaking the Level 3 Diploma in Management, from starting this course over a year ago my confidence has grown massively and my style of leading has seen a huge improvement. I am constantly receiving positive feedback from my peers and gaining recognition from managers within my department. I am promoted to Assistant Manager due to the knowledge and skills I have learnt during the course of my Diploma. I look forward to applying this knowledge to my new role and seeing my career develop further.

- Claire Willis
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“Very well organised and presented”

The course I attended was very well organised and presented, the workshops are very interactive, and the tutors listen to feedback and tailor the sessions to suit. I believe the Bright Direction Training courses are the best in terms of relevancy and content, from the tutors and fellow delegates to the takeaway materials. I have always found that I come away feeling inspired and with valuable new tools, techniques and skills that I am now able to apply in my job which will be a great contributor to the end result of the projects I work on.

- Alex Parmley MSc CEng MIMechE
using the apprenticeship levy scheme

“I’ll definitely recommend the ILM Level 3 to others”

I always found that I come away feeling inspired and with valuable new tools and techniques that I can implement into my job, it also encouraged me to think outside the box and reflect on my own behaviour/skills. I also loved how interactive and personal the course was and I thought Aiden and Ann covered all the areas brilliantly. I’ll definitely recommend the ILM Level 3 to others in a similar situation to me.

- Cary Davies
Anthony Walsh case study bright direction training

“The team all treated me with dignity and respect, supporting me throughout the course”

In 2016 I was involved in a serious car accident where I broke my leg, fractured my arm and cracked my ribs. As a result of my accident, I suffered with depression and anxiety.

I met a lady called Lisa who helped turn my life around. She encouraged me to get back on my feet and to start a free SIA Course to achieve my dream as a Door Supervisor. During my course, the team at Bright Direction Training treated me with dignity and respect. They supported me and taught me everything I needed to know.  Thanks to this amazing team, I completed the course and received my SIA License. I have since secured work as a Door Supervisor and I am also attending college studying Level 1 Maths and English to further my education.

- Anthony Walsh

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