Benefits Of Working In The Security Industry

This growing industry is seeing a huge increase in demand from private security firms. With both private individuals and businesses alike, looking for ways of protecting their assets, premises and belongings, it’s driving a huge increase in vacancies for potential candidates. It is one of the largest sectors of employment in the UK, making it a fantastic option for a long-term career, and can offer a well-paid profession to help you to secure your future.

So why is it such a great industry to work in?


There are many options as to what your working hours could look like, with employment options ranging from casual hours for a more flexible working pattern, to fixed regular hours for those who want a more permanent schedule. Location wise can also offer a level of flexibility, with locations that may vary if that suits, or a regular place of work for a more unchanging possibility. It’s also a great choice if you’re looking to be able to increase your income by taking on additional work, as overtime is common.

Great career prospects

As the technological world advances in surveillance and security, the need for more qualified security personal is increasing. The options to progress a career are vast, with many people from the emergency services coming from a background in security. Its versatility means it can suit most people’s strengths in one way or another. You may enjoy being with people in a more public-facing role, or your skills may lend themselves more to back-office activities, such as surveillance or night shift work. One thing is for sure, the expertise you acquire as a security worker will stand you in great stead and leave you with a set of highly desirable skills.

It’s no desk job

Even on the surveillance front, it can be a physically engaging job with tasks such as patrolling or investigation duties. It can be a physically demanding job, which is great for people who don’t like to sit still all day. A career in the security industry lets you choose a role that doesn’t see you tied to a desk; you’ll certainly be getting your steps up!

Feel good factor

The safety of the people or the things you’re charged with protecting is what the jobs about. It can give you a huge sense of achievement and satisfaction that you’re able to give people that feeling of security through your work. If you’re passionate about the safety of others, then it can be a truly fulfilling career.

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Benefits Of Working In The Security Industry

What job roles can you look at in the security industry?

The variety of roles is what makes a security qualification an attractive prospect, and a great career choice. Work can include:

  • Door Supervisor

  • Patrol Officer

  • Security Officer

  • CCTV Operator

  • Retail Security

  • Nightclub/Doorman

  • Revenue Protection

  • Static Security Guard

  • Control Room Officer

  • Security Concierge

  • Bodyguard

  • VIP Security

What’s the best way to kickstart your career in the security sector?

It’s a legal requirement to have an SIA licence if you are looking to work in security industry and to obtain an SIA license you need to complete a recognised security course. Our door supervision course is a great gateway into the industry, and a really flexible entry qualification into the industry. You can then apply for your licence once you’ve completed the course. At Bright Direction Training we can offer both government-funded and learner-funded options of the course, get in touch with our team to discover which course you may be eligible for.

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Benefits Of Working In The Security Industry


Benefits Of Working In The Security Industry
Benefits Of Working In The Security Industry
Benefits Of Working In The Security Industry
Benefits Of Working In The Security Industry